Post-Full Moon Anxiety Release Meditation

How was this past two weeks for you? Trouble sleeping? Weird dreams? Anxiety? Feeling extra tense?

This month’s full moon was a doozy. Calling for introspection, you’d might have noticed that most things were super heightened and you were in your head a little bit more than normal.

There is a short full moon release meditation that you can do help combat the post full moon jitters.

You don’t have to close your eyes to do this one, but if you want to, go ahead.

Imagine the moon, the full moon, residing inside your chest.

Feel the heaviness of it on your body. Feel the brightness of it, so bright it’s almost scalding.

Slowly move the moon up and out of your body, allow it to rise up from your body.

Watch the trail of light behind the moon, feel it releasing it’s grip on you

Let it drift all the way straight up into the sky. Then take a deep breath.


For some reason after this I also felt the need to shake , sort of like, to shake it off, so feel free to do that too if you want 🙂

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