I am grateful to have you visiting this space of the internet. Here you will find all things Healing Meow and from the mind of Gina. I facilitate sound baths, tarot readings and healing journeys. Feel free to explore the site and find what speaks to you.

I have done multiple tarot readings and sound healings with Gina. Her tarot is always spot on, precise and to the point. She offers alternative solutions to the readings as well as suggestions on how to work with the information you’ve been given. As far as sound healings go; she is top notch! I often find myself in another realm completely by the time she gently coaxes me back to reality. It always bitter sweet because you come back energized and ready to take on the day, but you also pine for the ethereal feelings you experience while under her magic spell of sounds! Gina is, hands down, the BEST!


I adore Gina! She has a true gift for reading tarot cards and connecting to her clients. You instantly feel that Gina is listening from her heart and she will give you true insight into what you are seeking. Her personality is light and carefree and yet she is also very knowledgeable, grounded and a thoughtful person. I highly recommend Gina’s Tarot reading services and I look forward to working with her again in the future.