I want to help you navigate this human experience. I offer Sound Bath Meditation, tarot readings, oracle readings and connecting through essential oils & herbs and crystals to align you with your best version of yourself!

Let me be your sound healing in Sacramento resource.

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Thank you @myhennaspirit19 for the awesome henna today ❤️

4/21…. What message do my jnstagram followers need today?
The Hanged Man. Reversed.
Where does your perspective lie? Are you seeing things as they truly are or are you lost in your head? Take a step back.. throw out the pros and cons list, ask your guts, put your hand on your heart? How does it feel? Breathe.
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The topic today: Hope. Where can I find it? The cards were clear.

The queen of wands: power in decisiveness, confidence in my choices, grace in my decisions and proud of my direction.

The fool: Fun, enjoying more allowing for more play and silliness

Eight of cups (reversed): contentment and satisfaction.

Exactly what I needed today.

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Thank you @collectivevibezstudio for another wonderful sound bath ❤️ #sacramento365 #sacramento #meditation #soundbath

I love when I go to visit a new client and they have lovely art ❤️ #art #smallbusiness #desertblends

I have no words for the atrocities going on in the world right now. I wish I could do more. Join me on Wednesday as we send love and donate to those suffering. #ukraine #war #fundraising #donate #helpukraine

When I went to sit down for my sound bath yesterday this pretty leaf heart was waiting for me ❤️#hearts #heartseverywhere #foundheart #meditate #soundbath #syncronicity

Tonight! 7pm ready to ding ya!! 6 sound frequencies will align and release energy – for a greater sense of peace. #sacramento365 #meditation #soundbath

Love this life. #soundbath

Surprise!!! I wanna ding you into the new year with my sound bowls!! A one time donation based sound bath!! 2pm at @physiquedancefitness Dec 31st!!! #soundbath #meditation #soundmeditation #soundmedicine #sac365


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I have done multiple tarot readings and sound healings with Gina. Her tarot is always spot on, precise and to the point. She offers alternative solutions to the readings as well as suggestions on how to work with the information you’ve been given. As far as sound healings go; she is top notch! I often find myself in another realm completely by the time she gently coaxes me back to reality. It always bitter sweet because you come back energized and ready to take on the day, but you also pine for the ethereal feelings you experience while under her magic spell of sounds! Gina is, hands down, the BEST!


As an energy work junkie and healer, I have been experiencing and practicing assorted energy healing modalities for a few years now. I love it all and am always interested in trying new things. My experience with sound healing is very limited, but the session Gina did for me was so POWERFUL! Energy work can be very subtle and not everyone physically feels anything – I’m one of those, even during the 2 group sound healing events I experienced. But that was not the case with Gina’s amazing crystal bowls! I literally felt my cells vibrating with the beautiful tones and reorganizing themselves. The result was a blissful feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation! I have known since I met her that Gina is a kind and compassionate woman who wants to be of service and this is highly evident when she is working – her own energy adds to the power of the sounds for a truly magnificent experience.