What is sound healing and how does it work?

Our human bodies are composed of over 65% water. Water molecules are composed of atoms that are constantly moving and interacting with each other. Water molecules are affected by sound vibrations, by literally, vibrating.

When your body is exposed to specific sound vibrations, the water in your body vibrates with the sound, allowing your body to release at a molecular level. This releases tension, stress, anxiety, emotions and who knows what else can come out!

We hold all of our daily life in our bodies. With the stress, anxiety, tension and just overall pressure of this human life, sound healing can work for you at the cellular level to physically break up the tension, to ease the body and work through your whole being to allow you to start to heal, to feel better, to become more at ease.

What does it feel like?

When you are experiencing a sound healing session, you may feel like your body is buzzing, floating or a heaviness sensation as the cells in your body are vibrating with the frequency of the resonance in the room. This sensation can feel to some very spiritual and connected. It can also feel uncomfortable and anxious – similarly to the first time someone tries to meditate.

During a sound healing session, your body may start to become uncomfortable and you might experience anxiety. This is normal and it’s best to just relax through it. Much like a massage, sometimes it can be uncomfortable because it’s breaking up built up tension. Sound healing can do the same thing.

How long is a sound healing session?

Most sessions range from 30-45 minutes of playing the crystal bowls, with a 5 minute intro meditation and 5 minutes to decompress. The total session is 60 minutes long.

Why should I do a sound healing session?

Even one sound healing session will help you feel more relaxed. By using sound healing as a part of your wellness practice, over time, your cells begin to create cellular memory, reaching these higher states of vibration more easily, allowing you to get deeper with your practice and be more calm and happy more often even when you are not in a session.

How much does a sound healing cost?

Sound healing sessions cost $75. If you book multiple sessions, we have discounts, just contact us for more information!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.