Spiritual Coaching & Offerings

My coaching will illuminate the path to self-discovery, spiritual connection and inner knowing for those who seek it. My aim is to foster a sense of self-love and balance in every facet of life. Together, we will navigate the complex terrain of our relationship to ourselves, offering a guiding hand towards healing and recovery.

Through a combination of holistic healing practices (such as the mind/body connection) and spiritual modalities I will help you unlock your inner potential, align your energies, and release emotional burdens. We will embark on a spiritual journey, exploring the power of self-discovery, conenergy alignment and emotional release as catalysts for personal growth.

My coaching is a beacon of support and empowerment, guiding you through life’s challenges, back to yourself, as we jointly delve into the depths of the human experience.

Additional offering:
Custom Meditations

Have you ever wanted a meditation that speaks to you, directly??
With this offering, I will create a 10-15 minute meditation that address you personally, and addresses what you currently need.

This customized meditation can include:
– Specific frequencies for healing, abundance, love, etc.
– Self-Hypnosis
– Subliminal Messages
– Guided or non/guided parts
– Specific names/words/scenarios to process

This offering is $222, which gives you a high-quality digital download that you can listen to, FOR LIFE.

We will have a 30 minute discovery call to discuss what to include in your meditation and mediations will be delivered within 48-72 hours after payment.

For a sample of my voice in meditations please visit my YouTube channel.

If you are interested in a custom meditation please contact me.