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Welp, you pulled the devil card? So what?

Doing tarot readings is rewarding, but sometimes when I sit down with someone, the person is on edge, just hoping they won’t get any of the dreaded cards… the tower, the devil.. death!

These cards – they’re really not scary. They open up new realms to yourself and help speed up transformation and growth. If you’ve pulled or had one of these cards pulled for yourself, consider yourself lucky. You have room to grow! YAY!

The Devil, who is he? What does this card represent and how can you use it for your self growth?

Here’s one way to interpret seeing the devil card in a reading:

First off, The Devil is something that has been holding you back. It’s something powerful. Like chains you’re carrying. This is something that you may have been trying to escape for a long time (like deep seeded fears), something you’ve recently noticed in your relationships (like being quick to judge or interrupt) or even a person who drags you down.
The Devil card asks you:

  • What is holding you back?
  • What is it holding you back from?
  • Why are you allowing it to hold you back?
  • What damage is it doing to your life?
  • What are you gaining by holding onto it?

Pulling the Devil card opens up that conversation. Invites you to examine this part of your life and see where you are. Maybe you’re ready to release this… maybe you’re not. The Devil doesn’t necessarily mean action – but it can prompt you to take action (especially if this card comes up a lot for you).

The Devil is a major card, so when you pull it, it’s important to take time to listen to the message. Take your time with the Devil because it can go deep and sometimes not be what you want to examine at this time in your life.

Good luck! If you have any questions about the Devil card feel free to message me or comment! 🙂

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