What does it mean to shine?

In the social media world there are countless inspirational quotes and memes that tell us, shine, just shine on, let yourself shine, shine bright, etc.

It feels like pressure doesn’t it?

What if I don’t feel shiny today? What if I’m sad or in a dark place? Or I just had a bad day? Why tell me to shine when I feel crappy?!

Grumble grumble.

Something interesting to remember about the phrase or statement to shine – is that it goes both ways. There is light inside you as well as outside of you. There is a trick to helping yourself shine from the inside and contrary to everything you’ve heard, when you can’t find it INSIDE yourself, don’t get upset and frustrated that you’re not shiny enough. Just look out.

There is something, somewhere right now whatever you’re doing that is giving you a signal to shine. Maybe the sun is literally shining. Maybe your coffee cup is full. Maybe your child slept through the night. It’s partial gratefulness and partial awareness.

Finding things around you – that are shining ON YOU – will help you find it inside yourself.

Not every day is going to be filled with inexplicable joy or happiness, but if you can find the things that shine around you – you’ll start to shine brighter inside.

No matter how bright you feel at any given time, it’s exactly where you’re at in that moment, and that’s okay.

Shining doesn’t mean being a constant ray of rainbows – but it’s embracing where you’re at, when you’re there.

Take a moment to recognize where you are at right now. Put your hand over your heart, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Just feel the moment. If you can, smile. Then open your eyes and shine on 😉


Gina with light shining

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