Woman basking in the sunset on the beach

Hi! Welcome to Healing Meow!

I guess this is the place where I should introduce myself. I’m Gina. This Healing Meow thing is my idea, it comes from my love of cats and my love of healing. It started with my own self healing journey and now that I feel stronger and able to stand my own ground with confidence, I want to help others do the same!

I found that using my intuitive skills and drive, I can bring inspiration to others to begin their journey or help them on their current one. The end goal is to spread empathy, love, compassion and self-love through the world, one person at a time. We all play our part in our own lives and the first step to healing the world is healing ourselves. When people are happy, content and understanding of the temporary nature of all things – a sense of peace and love permeates outwards.

Thank you for visiting Healing Meow and hope to cross paths with you soon!

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