Practice Present Patience

We are not who we think we are.

We are not anyone. We are only the moment that we exist and the light within us. Our idea of a label merely serves our ego. What if you were just you. Nothing more, nothing less.

Labels are fun, but they don’t truly define us. Labels come with expectations – they come with reasons to do things. They come with justifications and answers. Labels give us answers, but they aren’t really answers. They are only feeding our ego to which we crave certainty. Labels give us certainty. Safety.

But… the labels create unhappiness. They make us compare each other, they make us believe things about ourselves because of that label.

Can we live happily in uncertainty? We create the idea of certainty because it gives us peace and stability. Makes us feel…. safe. However, as we know, our lives are changing, growing, evolving at all times.

Acknowledging the change – and recognizing that the unknown, the uncertainty is not a negative thing, it just exists, as we do….

Can we PRACTICE PRESENT PATIENCE? Can we allow, without labels or judgement to exist within each moment?

Can you try?

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